Hey Stylist, do you have a website?

Having a website that works, has allowed me to consistently book clients who are eager to work with me.

If you want to book styling clients more frequently and with ease, then you must build a website that works for you that includes these important elements. 

I know. I know. You're probably thinking:

  • Why do I need a website when I have social media?

  • Websites can be expensive and I don't have that kind of money 

  • All of my client's book me via email 

  • My work speaks for itself and I don't need a website to prove that

Well, I've got something you!

I used to think the exact same thing. What we do as fashion creatives is visual, and the thought of having a website can seem like a waste of time and money but I was completely WRONG.

Since starting my styling business, I transferred my website 3 times before finding a platform that was easy to utilize and manage. I ended up going with Wix and haven't looked back since. 

Since investing more into my website, I've been able to:

  • Position myself as the Style Expert that I am

  • Attract the proper clients that I want to serve 

  • Build a strong email list of potential clients/clients who are engaged 

  • Increase my sales and overall revenue


I've learned how to make my website work for me and I want to show you how!

During the Wix Website Building Masterclass, I'll show you how to:

  • Design an aesthetically pleasing website that works for you and not against you 

  • Create a business process that makes it easier for warm leads to convert to paying clients

  • Determine the information that needs to be on your site compared to what doesn't 

  • Easily navigate the Wix dashboard to create and publish your website from scratch


Hey, I'm Christen Johnson

I've mastered the art of monetizing my talent in a variety of ways by being authentic, providing value and presenting my brand and business in a way that resonates with my audience. And now, I want to teach you!

Monetizing my expertise has allowed me to:

  • Make consistent income in my styling business each month 

  • Invest more time and money into my business 

  • Open more doors of opportunity for myself 

  • Build relationships with experts in a variety of industries 

  • Grow an audience of over 8k followers and subscribers