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These are the resources I utilize everyday to properly run my styling business. I love anything that makes my life easier and my business run more smoothly. 

I've included links of which some may be affiliate links. An affiliate link is one that provides a small commission if you choose to purchase the tool. This comes at no additional cost to you over the normal pricing of that tool.


Checking my calendar is the first thing I do every morning before starting my day. If it isn't in my calendar, it won't happen. I use acuity to schedule all of my client discovery calls and connection calls. The link is available for potential clients who want to connect with me and get started with styling. I also use it to schedule consultations and coaching calls. I currently use the Emerging Entrepreneur plan.

Learn more and sign up here 


Contracts are a very important part of running a successful styling business. When a client confirms their styling package/service, I prep and send a contract that states what they'll be receiving and the legalities of that service. Once they review and sign their contract, an invoice is automatically sent to them for payment. This is definitely a life saver for my business.

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Before Polyvore went out of business, I used to have a ball styling looks and posting them on social media for everyone to see. But just posting cute outfits on social media wasn't really cutting it for me. When I started booking clients, I wanted a digital platform I could create shoppable outfits that would make it easy for my clients to shop. I use Goodpix to create look books for my clients to shop at their own pace. And when they shop, I gain commission from the sale.

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Zoom is a tool that I use quite frequently. When I conduct my virtual styling consultations, or host webinars, I use zoom. 

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Mailchimp is what I use to send out all of my newsletters and email funnels. Before mailchimp, I was sending out emails one by one via gmail. But mailchimp has allowed me to organize my mailing list and email my contacts in groups. 

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Canva is my go to for quick and easy graphics and beautifully designed PDFs. I use it for creating social media graphics. I also use it to create my client lead magnets (checklists and e-books) and shop-pable, digital look books for my styling clients. 

Learn more and sign up here

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