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The 3 Steps to Bouncing Back

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

By: Michelle Zaman

In the beginning of the year, everyone was optimistic about the prospective changes the new year would bring. During this time, we felt very in tune with our goals and worked towards achieving them. However, as the year progressed, many of us realized that things didn't go as planned and those goals from the beginning of 2018 are now lingering into the new year.

At this point, you probably feel stressed, defeated, and frustrated—and that is okay! As a society, we love to emphasize the achievements of others without considering their path and how they got there. All of those individuals who we admire have some kind of story that has shaped them and often times that story is NOT a fairy tale. Your story is no different, there will be setbacks, but there a beauty in the bounce back.

When you find your mind wondering to a negative space, re-evaluate your perspective with these 3 easy steps:

Power of the Mind

It is important to understand and recognize when you start to being a harm to yourself through your thoughts. The beliefs we have about our goals and ourselves transcend into reality through actions. Often times we tend to focus on the negative so much that we overlook the underlying lessons. Learning to shift your thought process into seeing the silver lining in adversity is key to building a strong mental foundation.

Being Honest

If you are not real with yourself, you are your own worst enemy. Go through a mental timeline of the year and ask yourself, "What could I have done differently"? "What are my weaknesses"? "Am I surrounding myself with positive friends/family"? It is easy to say you want something but actively pursing it is a different story. Maybe you lost your motivation or got bit by the procrastination bug. Ask yourself or even list out what steps you have you taken to reach your goals? Did you do everything I can?

Leading with Faith

No matter what religion you identify with, you must have faith in yourself in order to bounce back. If you do not truly believe you are capable and deserving of accomplishing your goals, then do not expect anyone else to see it either. Create affirmations that you can repeat to yourself on a daily that reminds you who you are and what you deserve. What you speak into the universe comes back to you, if you have faith and actively work towards it.

You are fully capable of everything you set your energy on. As you marinate on the steps listed above and push through to the next chapter, just remember that you are not alone. There are so many people who are and have been in your shoes, so always remember that there is beauty in the bounce back and blessings in the setbacks.

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