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The Recap

It's hard to believe that we started this journey just 6 months ago. Our goal was to bring together like-minded women and talk about our goals and aspirations while creating vision boards; A simple and cliche concept that we've never seen done before in our city. We knew of so many hard working women who owned their owned businesses and/or were looking to break into their industries but we've never been able to bring them together under one roof. Until now.

We used the resources we had and the people in our network to really create an experience for the guests. Of course we spent more than what we bargained for but it was well worth it in the end. The location, the photographer, the vendors and the panelists were all hand picked to represent what we wanted The Goal Digger Workshop to stand for. The crowd may have been small but we left a big impact on them. All the positive words that were spoken and the advice given from the panelists, left the guests feeling more than fulfilled.

But for me, it was a tad bit overwhelming. From finding the perfect location to reaching out to so many companies and businesses in hopes of gaining their support as a sponsor and really only solidifying one, was devastating. Yes, I was happy but there was always a thought in the back of my mind wishing that I could have done more. Even after everyone saying how much they enjoyed themselves and loved all of the speakers, I still feel like I let myself down. But I learned from the experiences and began planning the next one.


Dominique Danielle

Keisha Brewer and Mariah Oates of The PR Alliance

Krystal Benson of InspiredbyKrys


Taylor Baldwin of Mama Photog

5 months later, The Goal Digger Workshop was back with new ideas and a new panel of powerful women. With a growing social media page, we were able to promote the event leading up to it; posting when we were seeking sponsors, panelists and vendors. Since we had content from the last workshop, we were able to post and show exactly how many guests we'd be expecting this time around. We even invested in a website to house all of our images and really explain the meaning behind the workshop and how it came about.

We were very blessed to have confirmed 3 different sponsors for this particular workshop and we were 3 tickets away from being a sold out event! We even had volunteers for this one who were more than eager to help. Shout out to S.A.G.E!

As we plan and set our goals for the new year, we're excited to be taking the workshop to D.C in May 2019! We want to reach a whole different group of women and highlight those women who are taking their industries by storm with a unique story to back it up. We want to be able to show women entrepreneurs that everyone's journey is different. Not everyone had the capital they wanted to start their own business, but with much hard work and dedication, anything is possible. The "right now" may look a little shaky, but when you have a vision, you're capable of seeing what other's can not.


Krystal Franklin

Tatum Temia

Joyell Arvella

Shatiea Blount

Jessica Ornsby

Beverly Beal


If you're interested in being a part of the 2019 Goal Digger Workshop experience, please send your inquiries to

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