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3 Easy Ways to stay Focused in 2019

Written by: Michelle Zaman

Nowadays, there are a ton of distractions that prevent us from fully accomplishing our goals and daily tasks. Some of those distractions can even come in a variety of forms, like:

- a boyfriend

- social media

- a job

- yourself

Yes, its true. You can be your own distraction. And its even worse when you don't even realize it. How can this be? By allowing things like fear, your attitude or even your mindset get in the way of your success.

I know we all have experienced situations like these, where distractions have gotten in the way of our businesses. But there are a few different exercises that we recommend to help you avoid this from happening again and again.

Taking Responsibility for your Actions

Knowing when to take full responsibility can be challenging but is definitely possible. Understanding that you have full control of your success and failures depending on what paths you take in life, is an important step to remaining focused. When you blame others or your circumstances for holding your back from accomplishing your end goals, you're setting yourself up for failure and stunting your businesses growth.

Even if things don't go your way, be fully responsible, no matter what. Own up to your mistakes and know that they can be fixed once their acknowledged.

Obtain an Accountability Partner

I know you probably have heard this before but I bet you have never actually implemented it in the right way. When we hear others say “accountability partner” most of us shut down this idea, subconsciously, because we really don’t want anyone checking us when we are slacking. However, this is a common misconception.

An accountability partner should be someone that you trust. They motivate you and give you honest criticism when needed but at the same time acknowledges your progress. Finding the right accountability partner may be a challenge but try starting with those who have similar goals as you and go from there.

Setting Motivational Alerts on Your Phone

Nowadays, everyone owns a phone and are probably glued to their screen 50-60% of their day, whether it’s for business or personal. Because phones are such a integral part of our daily lives and businesses, it only makes sense to use them as a motivational tool, right?

I know many people who download apps that send motivational quotes to their phone on a daily basis and others who make their own alerts that go off every couple of hours. You may read this and think, “girl that’s a little crazy,” but the truth is, what you constantly feed your mind manifests into reality.

If you are procrastinating on social media or getting discouraged about that business meeting not going your way, seeing that quote on your phone for a quick 2-3 seconds helps you refocus your mind on the tasks at hand and uplift your spirits.

It also helps to set affirmations as your screensaver/wallpaper. Every time you open your phone, you're greeted by kind words to help you to keep pushing forward.

Using these exercises above allow you to combat motivational burn-out and have an efficient 2019. This is the year of change and positivity and it is up to you to do the work necessary in creating a better life and better you!

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