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These free webinars are designed to help you take the next steps to grow your styling business, expand your mindset and assist you on your styling journey!

First client? Now what?

Learn more about the client's style preferences and lifestyle - Being a great stylist is more than just dressing your client. Spend some time getting to know them. Treat this conversation like you're talking to a friend and focus on building a quality relationship.

How to Book Personal Styling Clients

Before you try to book your next client, remember this: It's important that you know your client before you decide to work with anybody, you want to be clear on who it is you want to actually style so that you can attract that specific person. Now, let's hop into these 4 steps!

4 Action Steps to Become A Personal Stylist

Here are 4 actions steps that you can take in order to really start taking strides in your personal styling career! 

How to Become A Personal Stylist

Becoming a Personal Stylist is more than just booking clients and playing in clothes. Watch the full video to see what becoming a successful Personal Stylist is all about! 

How I Built a Profitable Styling Business

During this webinar, we will go over the 8 C's to building and growing a profitable styling business to CEO status and the importance of each. 

Wix Website Building 101

During this webinar, I walk you through the 5 elements of a website. I also give you a backend view of my site and how to create a website from scratch. 

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