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Let's GROW together!

Book a Strategy Call or VIP Day to start earning the money your deserve.

It's time to build the styling business you've always wanted

Not being clear on who you serve and how to best serve them are stopping you from making the money you deserve and positioning yourself as an expert. I know you're tired of running in circles. You feel like you've tried everything and keep making the same mistakes. You're constantly struggling to gain:


  • Because you're not sure what type of help to invest in 

  • You're tired of styling people for free 

  • You're tired of working with budgets

We'll work together to curate a plan and simple process that will potentially bring in more money to your business


  • Because you're posting on social media but not seeing the engagement you want 

  • Because your content isn't resonating with the audience you want to attract 

We'll work together to create beautiful content that resonates with your audience and attracts the right clientele


  • You want to offer more and monetize your styling expertise 

  • You want to be recognized as the style expert that you are

We'll work together to design a strategy to get more eyes on you and your brand

Choose the best option for you:

60 minute Clarity Call

This 60-minute call is best for stylists who have a specific issue in their business that they have trouble overcoming OR predetermined questions that they would like to have answered.


The purpose of this call is for you to gain clarity on a specific topic that’s been hindering your business and/or that you may be confused about. 

We'll spend an hour accessing your specific business challenges and/or going over your business questions.

V.I.P. Day

This 3-hour intensive is best for stylists who are making money in their business but want to learn how to make more. This option is best for stylists who already have a website and social media presence, but are looking to make improvements and implement specific strategies in order to drive more sales and visibility to their brand.


If you’re able to identify your areas of improvement and have determined that it’s something you need help figuring out, this is the perfect option for you.

We'll spend 3 hours together curating plans to maximize your revenue potential by clarifying what works and implementing strategies in order to reach your goals.


Thank you so much for our session. It as much needed and definitely inspired me even more. So many ideas came over the weekend, which helped me to set a few short term goals as far as initial content/brand building.” 

—  D'ara L.



You're in the right place if:

You're in the wrong place if:

  • You're currently a personal stylist 

  • You're willing to put in the work needed to elevate to the next level

  • You've worked with styling clients before and have work to show for it 

  • You're willing to hone in on your target audience and refine who you serve 

  • You're ready and able to make the investment needed to achieve the success you want in your styling biz

  • You're looking for someone to do the work for you

  • You don't want to scale your styling business 

  • You're looking to stay stagnant and are comfortable where you are 

  • You don't have an existing website and need help building one 

  • If you're seeking help with registering your business as a legal entity


Prior to our scheduled call, you will fill out a brief questionnaire that will help me to gain a bit more information about you and your styling business needs. This information will help me to better prepare notes prior to our meeting. My notes will reflect any recommendations that I have for your business as well as any other important findings that I come across as I explore your styling business and online presence.

  • Each call takes place via zoom (unless otherwise stated)

  • Calls are recorded and a replay is sent to the client to keep for reference 

  • 3 hour calls will be a consistent 3 hours and cannot be split up into shorter calls 

  • Each client will receive detailed notes from each call 




Hey, I'm Christen Johnson

I've mastered the art of monetizing my talent in a variety of ways by being authentic, providing value and presenting my brand and business in a way that resonates with my audience. And now, I want to teach you!

Monetizing my expertise has allowed me to:

  • Make consistent income in my styling business each month 

  • Invest more time and money into my business 

  • Open more doors of opportunity for myself 

  • Build relationships with experts in a variety of industries 

  • Grow an audience of over 8k followers and subscribers

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